Christie Chancey Moore

Peachtree City,Ga.

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Freestyle Mosaics
 Christie Chancey Moore
"A new way to do an old art form"



I knew I wanted and needed to focus my creative energy on something. I had no idea what or, even how, I was going to do this.

  I began practicing art on my own at home and started by painting and drawing.
  I set up a miniature art studio in the basement of our home and quickly found that I did not enjoy painting. I t didn’t make me feel the way I thought creating art should feel. I found it uncomfortable. I wanted my art to be soothing, relaxing and peaceful for me, and those who view it, and instead, I felt increasingly frustrated.
   My husbands, Mike, job took us to Texas .Once we settled into our new home I began looking for a studio to take art classes. I found a little place on the main street in my town and signed up.
  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I asked them if we could do a little of everything. I remember taking ceramics at the age of six and loving it. I also remember the feeling of being very proud of my creations. I asked if we could begin with ceramics, which led to my Mosaics. I loved it!
  Since then, I have made many mistakes but, felt very good about making them. Most of my “mistakes” have ended up as pieces for my mosaics. Since I discovered the joy of mosaics and making things with clay, I have finally found what makes me happy as an artist.